Aztec Collection  Hand made by skilled artists in the Taxco region of Mexico, the Aztec collection features sterling silver jewellery designs inspired by the cultural history of Mexico.  Designs include beautifully braided chokers and intricate bracelets and cuffs.  Some of the bracelets also include semi-precious stones. Glass of Fire Collection A diverse range of unique innovative dichroic glass designs involving a process which often requires several kiln firings to achieve it’s exceptional depth and clarity.  The jewellery is characterised by a shimmering kaleidoscope of colours.  Inspired by the natural beauty of Australia, each piece is individually designed and kiln formed by the artist in her studio in northern NSW. Leehee Collection A unique collection of inspirational jewellery incorporating Biblical Scripture verses, the Leehee collection is hand made by the artist in Israel.  The scripture verses are honed into the silver in Hebrew and/or English.  The collection, comprising necklaces, pendants, bracelets and earrings, is handcrafted from sterling silver combined with genuine gold, 24k gold plating and semi-precious stones. Contemporary Collection The latest popular jewellery trends characterise this very affordable collection.  The pendants, rings, necklaces and bracelets are sure to please the price conscious buyer.  All items are sterling silver, some with a touch of vermeil gold, and are set with natural pearls, crystal glass and semi-precious stones.